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Purple haze 3

Purple haze 3

the Purple haze 3 Japanese Style cushion will add a feeling of luxury and uniqueness to your home. These individually handmade Japanese style cushions will be pieces of art work on any piece of furniture they are places. Made from pristine kimono and obi fabrics bring a distinguishing look to your home.

35.00 AUD
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  • 45cmx45cm
  • Ykk zipper
  • Padded cushion
  • Fully lined
  • Hand made
  • Unique
  • Cotton backing
  • Designed in Western Australia
  • Product may vary from photo as each cushion is cut from a different part of the Obi or Kimono
  • Made from up cycled Japanese Kimono and Obi Fabrics please allow for variations and slight imperfections as this is a part of the beauty of these cushions and homewares.
  • 30cmx50cm
  • Hand wash or dry clean

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