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Purple haze 2

Purple haze 2

The Purple haze 2 Japanese style cushion can be added to your collection of beautiful home wares to bring a touch of unsurpassed beauty and extravagance to your interiors. Make a talking point of your furniture by adorning it with these Japanese Style cushions

35.00 AUD
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  • Ykk zipper
  • Padded cushion
  • Fully lined
  • Hand made
  • Unique
  • Cotton backing
  • Designed in Western Australia
  • Product may vary from photo as each cushion is cut from a different part of the Obi or Kimono
  • Made from up cycled Japanese Kimono and Obi Fabrics please allow for variations and slight imperfections as this is a part of the beauty of these cushions and homewares.
  • 30cmx50cm
  • Hand wash or dry clean



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