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About Arctic Oriental

Arctic Oriental is the progeny of my love of fabrics, culture and homewares. My desire to surround myself with things that convey beauty, inspiration, mood, moments and memories of life, have driven me to travel the world to seek out objects of beauty and elegance, and share these with everyone.

Arctic Oriental is a boutique homewares company that seeks to present products that are exceptional in design and unique in concept. With a blend of upcycled and new fabrics sourced from from Japan, we bring you a truly 'one of a kind' range of homewares.

Our products come from the fusion of east and west, with our uniques designs being created in Perth Australia.

With amazing and exotic places around the world as our inspiration, we present to you the chance to adorn your home in a uniquely elegant way. To bring in a touch of the orient to your home, we have created our first range of cushions, bedding, table runners, bed runners  from Japanese-inspired fabrics and art works.

With our belief in respecting nature and humanity in equal measure, we source our materials from recycling suppliers and utilize the services of small manufacturing units that serve to improve the future and livelihood of the local population. By purchasing our products you aid us in this endeavour.

Arctic Oriental creates products that reflect your sensibilities and highlights your individuality. Their uniqueness ensures a home that not only impresses friends and family but creates a retreat for your inner peace and tranquillity.